State of Iowa vs. Harold Wesselink





Events of the Crime

On August 11, 1955, at approximately 1:30pm, Harold Wesselink, a 27 year old feed salesman of Sanborn, Iowa was driving in a 1950 DeSoto and stopped at a residence located one mile west and one-half mile north of Melvin, Iowa to ask the occupants if he was at the correct address.  Wesselink spoke to a 12 year old female and a 9 year old female at the residence where he was told he was not at the correct address and was further told that their father was gone and their mother was in Sibley, Iowa.  Wesselink gave the girls and their younger brothers some chewing gum and took some pictures of the children.  Wesselink then escorted the 9 year old female to a corn crib and committed the crime of Rape on the 9 year old female victim.  Wesselink then left the residence and continued on his feed route.  Wesselink was arrested at his home in Sanborn by the O'Brien County Sheriff's Office on August 11, 1955 at approximately 11:30pm.  Wesselink provided a voluntary confession to the Osceola County Sheriff Arnold Scheu.


On August 17, 1955, Harold Wesselink, age 27 of Sanborn, Iowa pled guilty to the charge of Rape.  The defendant was sentenced to imprisonment in the State Penitentiary at Fort Madison, Iowa for a term of 12 years.


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