Sheriff Lowry Fires Four Shots Frustrating Attempted Jail Break of Negroes

Sibley Gazette - June 2, 1921




Flash Razors When Sheriff Places Card Table In Cell

Mrs. Lowry Hears Fracas and Secures Gun


While Sheriff Lowry was placing a card table in a cell Thursday night, the three colored prisoners whom he was accommodating, flashed razors and started for him.  Intuitively Mr. Lowry scented trouble, jammed the door against one fellow, knocked another down, while he made a getaway, across the corridor.  Mrs. Lowry, hearing the rumpus, seized a gun and gave it to the sheriff, who started for the colored trio, who were then in the corridor of the jail attempting to get out through the east door, which was locked.

Mr. Lowry ordered them back into the cell, and fired four shots at the fellows, who attempted to make their getaway.  Two of the bullets lodged in the back of George Lee and one entered the abdomen of William McBride, the other went wild.  No further persuasion was necessary and the trio rushed back into their cell, promising to be good.  Sam Millie, the third fellow, escaped unharmed.

The colored trio had been accustomed to playing cards on the floor of the cell, and asked the sheriff for a small table, which was being placed in the cell when the negroes started something.

Mr. Lowry escaped with a badly sprained hand, sustained when he knocked one of the fellows down.

The trio are awaiting the action of the grand jury, charged with the Ashton burglary committed April 22.

A surgeon removed the bullet from McBride, and witnesses say he was not any too solicitous for his patient in the transaction.  Lee was taken to Worthington Friday, where an X-ray examination located the bullets, one of which was removed.

The fellows are about 25 years old.  Lee comes from Canada, McBride from Tennessee and Millie hails from Florida.

Burglars Break into Bunk Car at Ashton

Sibley Gazette - April 28, 1921

Three Colored Men Bound Over to Grand Jury  Charged With Breaking and Entering


Burglars broke into Section Foreman Peter Charles bunk car at Ashton Friday morning.  They appropriated three suits of clothes, over coat, silk shirts, two guns, etc. 

Marshall Neff apprehended the fellows near Ritter.  They were brought to Sibley Monday.  At a hearing before Justice Meader they were bound over to the grand jury, their bonds being fixed at $500.

While motoring to Sheldon Friday morning, J. Jackley of Ashton noticed three colored men, carrying large bundles in flour sacks.  On his return to Ashton, he was apprised of the robbery and at once suspected the trio he met.  Marshall Neff was notified and the capture of the suspects was soon made.


Colored Trio Sent to Anamosa Penitentiary

Sibley Gazette - June 9, 1921

Plead Guilty Before Judge Hutchinson at Alton, Friday


George Lee, William McBride and Same Millie, colored trio, who attempted to break jail last week, plead guilty to the charge of burglary, before Judge Hutchinson at Alton Friday.  They were given an indeterminate sentence of five years at the Anamosa penitentiary.  Sheriff Lowry and County Attorney Koopman went with the prisoners to Alton Friday, where the men were sentenced.

Friday afternoon Sheriff Lowry and Deputy Leamer took the prisoners to Anamosa.

The burglary was committed at Ashton April 22.
















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