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Northwest Iowa Community College in Sheldon, Iowa, and instructed by Rob Hegenbarth.  Handgun owners must take this course and pass the written exam to be eligible to carry a concealed weapon permit in Iowa.  This permit must be requested from your County Sheriff prior to taking this course.  The class will be taught by a certified instructor from the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy.  The course will contain information on the Iowa Laws regarding Permit to Carry.  Please DO NOT bring your firearm to the college for the class.  This course is generally offered through the summer months.  The class is roughly 4 hours in length and costs $45.  Prepayment and pre-registration is required.  For pre-registration, call 1-800-352-4907 or 1-712-324-5061 and ask for the Continuing Education Coordinator to obtain more information for class schedules and fees.


Handgun owners must take the Firearm Safety course and pass the weapons qualification portion of the program to be eligible to Carry a Concealed Weapon.

Tentative Class Dates 2012
Sec# Day Date Time Loc. Fee | Sec# Day Date Time Loc. Fee
29314 T Jan 17 6-10p 513H $45 | 30338 TH Jun 28 6-10p 513H $45
29315 T Feb 23 6-10p 119A $45 | 30340 T Jul 17 6-10p 513H $45
29316 TH Mar 22 6-10p 518H $45 | 30341 T Jul 31 6-10p 513H $45
29317 T Apr 24 6-10p 518H $45 | 30342 TH Aug 9 6-10p 513H $45
29318 T May 22 6-10p 518H $45 | 30343 TH Aug 23 6-10p 513H $45
30344 TH Jun 14 6-10p 513H $45 |            




Dynamic Firearms Instruction, in Okoboji, Iowa, specializes in firearm instruction and gun safety, along with obtaining your Permit to Carry Weapons in Iowa.  The Iowa Permit to Carry Course is designed to teach the basics of gun safety, marksmanship, familiarization, as well as issues related to the use of deadly force.  This course is not intended to teach advanced tactics or shooting technique.  Course length is approximately 4 hours of classroom instruction.  The price of this course if $50.00.  You can register online at or call 1-888-339-3082 to obtain more information for class schedules and fees.



10-Ring Firearms Training, located in Sheldon, Iowa, offers basci handgun instruction, taught by an NRA Certified Instructor and former Police Officer.  Successful completion of one of the courses listed below will qualify you to apply for a new or renewal Iowa Permit to Carry Weapons.  Classes offered are:

  • An 8-hour NRA Basic Pistol Course, which includes firearm familiarization and safety training, as well as live fire at a firing range
  • An 8-hour Ladies Only NRA Basic Pistol Course, which includes firearm familiarization and safety training, as well as live fire at a firing range, all in a friendly, relaxed, non-judgmental atmosphere.
  • A 4-hour Iowa Permit To Carry Course, which includes firearms familiarization and safety training, as well as an overview of Iowa's new "Shall-Issue" permit statutes, but does not require firing range qualification. 
  • For those wishing to renew their Iowa Permit To Carry without taking a course, we also offer the opportunity for range qualification certification. 
  • Marksmanship Training

All training and firing range sessions are available in a group or individual setting.  Class size is limited.  You can pre-register by calling (712) 324-1202, or email  For more information on upcoming classes, please visit the website at 



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