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G.F. Lowry


      Because of the last term of court; the unusual amount of petty and criminal work; and the regular duties of the sheriff's office I have not had an opportunity to make a thorough canvass of the county.  I appreciate the loyal support of my friends in the past and wish to announce that I am a candidate for the re-election and ask for a continuance of your support.

        In the management of the affairs of the office, I have treated everyone alike; have been fair with all who came in touch with the office; have taken the job seriously; and have given my entire time to the duties of the office, in fact the office has given twenty-hour service to the work.  I point with considerable pride to my record in office, which has been during a period of years when there has been more criminal and civil work than has ever before been done in the sheriff's office.

        Since my tenure in office I have had 475 prisoners in the county jail; and fines have amounted to more than the entire expense of the office.  If I am re-elected I promise to give the people of Osceola County the best service of which I am capable.














Primary Candidates for Osceola County Sheriff
June 2, 1924 Results
Republican Nominees L. J. Hagerty 719
  Herman B. Smith 553
Democratic Nominee G.F. Lowry ?
Primary Candidates for Osceola County Sheriff
June 7, 1926 Results
Republican Nominee Herman B. Smith 815
Democratic Nominee G.F. Lowry 342
Primary Candidates for Osceola County Sheriff
June 4, 1928 Results
Republican Nominee None  
Democratic Nominees G.F. Lowry 330


John S. D. Pell

November 2, 1920, G. F. Lowry was elected Sheriff of Osceola County, receiving 1,804 votes over his running mate John S. D. Pell which received 1,605 votes.

In the late 1920's, sugar beets were raised in Fairview and Allison Townships.  The crops were planted and tended by migrant workers.  Mules were used for planting and cultivating because their small hooves caused less damage to the crop.  Beets were weeded and thinned by laborers crawling on their hands and knees, using a specially made hoe and a short handle.  This laborers paid 10 cents and hour.  The production of sugar beets was discontinued in the early 1930's because the soil and conditions were not conductive to growing beets, and the sugar content was low.

April 22, 1921 - Sheriff Lowry Fires Four Shots Frustrating Attempted Jail Break of Negroes

February 8, 1922 - Daylight Burglary at Omaha Depot - Pair of Colored Guys Arrest in Sibley for Crime

November 6, 1922, G. F. Lowry was re-elected Sheriff of Osceola County, receiving 1,389 votes over his running mate J. Clark Weatherwax which received 1,282 votes.


September 19, 1924 - Four Fatalities Following a Railroad Crossing Accident at Allendorf

J. Clark Weatherwax

L. J. Hagerty                                                                    

J. Clark Weatherwax

Republican Candidate for Sheriff


Served in the World Wars

Resident of County 24 years


Actively engaged in farming for a number of years.  If elected, will give undivided attention to the duties of the office.

November 1922 Election











of Sibley


Resident of County 18 years


Always active in promoting civic betterment.  If nominated and elected, will faithly perform the duties of the office, without fear or favor.

November 1924 Election


November 4, 1924, G. F. Lowry was re-elected Sheriff of Osceola County, receiving 2,094 votes over his running mate L. J. Hagerty which received 1,477 votes.

Train Wreck in Ashton, Iowa - 1930

August 31, 1926 - Sheriff Lowry Nabs Bad Pair

November 2, 1926, G. F. Lowry was re-elected Sheriff of Osceola County, receiving 1,877 votes over his running mate Herman B. Smith which received 763 votes.

April 19, 1927 - Henry Hesebeck Pleads Guilty to Assault and Attempted Murder

November 6, 1928, G. F. Lowry was re-elected Sheriff of Osceola County, receiving 2,251 votes.

March 20, 1929 - Annie Sohl is Charged with Marrying Within One Year After Divorce

July 7, 1929 - George Louscher Murdered; Homer Edwards Convicted on the Murder of  George Louscher



9th Street looking East, Sibley, Iowa - 1920's

Central Park, Sibley, Iowa - Summer of 1929                                                                                                   


G. F. Lowry served five (5), two (2) year terms as Sheriff of Osceola County, Iowa.


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