Lester L. Scott

Lester Scott, City Police Chief

Here Seven years, Resigns



Sibley Gazette - April 30, 1959











To Be District Sales Representative

for Minneapolis Company


        Lester L. Scott, Sibley Police Chief for the past seven years, resigned his position here late Wednesday morning, April 29, to accept the position as district sales supervisor for National recorders of Minneapolis.  The company manufactures speed recorders used by law enforcement officers.  Scott will be supervisor over a six state area including Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. 

        Under the law, the mayor is responsible for the appointment of a new chief of police and at press time Wednesday afternoon Mayor Harold R. Koopman had not named a new chief of police.  Scott's resignation will become effective May 15.

        During his seven years as chief of police Scott served under three mayors, present Mayor Koopman, Keith Merrick, and Henry J. Symens.

        Although Scott will now be associated with the Minneapolis company, the Scotts will retain their residence here in Sibley.  In reference to his resignation, Scott mentioned that during his 7 years he received excellent cooperation with city officials in all matters.

        Scott was hired as police chief by Henry J. Symen's who served as mayor from 1950 to 1954.  When asked about Scott's resignation, Symen's said that Scott was a good officer and one of the best police office men that Sibley has ever had.  Symen's also commented that Scott was especially effective in his investigations.  "he was a sincere man trying to do the best that was possible."

        Keith Merrick the second mayor under which Scott served, also commented on Scott's resignation and said that Scott did a commendable job under his administration and proved to be a capable and efficient officer.

        Several improvements took place during the years Scott served.  One of the most outstanding advancements was the establishment of 24-hour police service here last year.

        Mr. and Mrs. Scott are members of the First Congregational Church at Sibley.  They have three sons, Jack in the marines at San Diego, California; Frank, who is finishing his second year at Grinnell college; and Mike who is at home.  Lester Scott is a member of the Masonic Lodge.









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