Henry Hesebeck

Sibley Gazette - April 21, 1927

Hesebeck Pleads Guilty

at Orange City


Judge Munger Sentences Horton Township Man

to Five Years In Penitentiary


Attempt to Murder Charged


Sheriff Lowry Will Take Prisoner

To Fort Madison In A Few Days


    The trail of Henry Hesebeck charged with assault and attempted murder of his wife, came to a sudden termination Tuesday when the defendant plead guilty and was sentenced to a term of five years in the stated penitentiary by Judge Munger.  Under the state laws the sentence is indeterminate and the accused may be paroled after two years.

    It is rumored that there was an understanding among some of the attorneys that they would not resist a consideration of Hesebeck’s parole in two years.

    The jury in the case was secured Tuesday morning.  A number of people from this county attended the trial after Hesebeck requested a change of venue from Osceola County.

County Attorney Geo. E. Gill prosecuted the case while I. R. Meltzer appeared for the defendant.

    The defendant was indicted on a charged assault with intent to commit murder.  After returning from a trip to Worthington with his wife, it is alleged he knocked her down, jumped upon her and other wise abused the woman.

Sibley Gazette - November 4, 1926

Hesebeck Held

Serious Charge

Bond $12,000


Mrs. Hesebeck Starts Suit for Divorce

Asks for $20,000



All Property is Attached



Mrs. Hesebeck Recovers from Injuries;

Hesebeck Still in Jail.



    Henry Hesebeck, who has been languishing in the county jail since his brutal assault on his wife, was taken before Justice Metz, Saturday on the charge of Assault and Battery with Intent to Commit Murder.  He was held to appear before the grand jury and his bond was fixed at $12,000.

    Through her attorney, W. C. Garderson, Mrs. Hesebeck has instituted proceedings to secure a divorce from her husband.  She is asking damages to the amount of $20,000.  All of Mr. Hesebeck's property in this county has been attached.















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