Hamburger Corner

Flashing Red Warning Lights

Now in Operation at 9 - 33

Intersection North of Sibley




Hamburger CorneR Takes Nine Lives in Past 10 Years


        No Change Made in

        Stop Signs; North,

        South Traffic Stops

    Installation of flashing red lights at Osceola County's notorious "Hamburger Corner," the intersection of Highway 9 and Highway 33 north of Sibley, was completed late Tuesday morning, April 7.  The red lights began flashing at 11:25 a. m.

Two Red Lights

    The two flashing lights have been placed at the top of the stop signs in an attempt to help control traffic on Highway 33.  One of the red flashers is located at the southeast corner of the 9-33 intersection and the other is located at the north west corner of the intersection.

North-South Stop

    No change has been made in the existing traffic pattern at the corner.  That is, all traffic on Highway 33 will stop at the intersection and traffic going east and west on Highway 9 will proceed with caution but will not be required to stop.

Continuous Flash

    The new red lights will flash continuously on a 24-hour basis.  The wiring has all been installed underground from the source of supply to the light posts.




    The Osceola Electric Co-op provided the electric service and Wagner's Electric of Sibley did the wiring.  The Highway Commission mounted the new lights on higher poles with the oversized stop signs on the same pole as the warning lights.

Sheriff Comments

    Osceola County Sheriff Arnold Scheu, in reference to the new lights at the intersection, said Tuesday night that "On the theory that the lights will attract the motorists attention to the intersection and to the stop signs, we hope that some of the major accidents at that location can be avoided in the future."

Nine Fatalities

    Also speaking of the intersection at 9:33 where there have been 9 fatalities in the past 10 years, Sheriff Scheu commented that it isn't just a matter of getting the cars on Highway 33 to stop but to keep them stopped until the east-west traffic is clear.

    "About 85 to 90% of the bad accidents at that spot result from drivers on Highway 33 stopping at the stop signs and then pulling out in front of east or west bound traffic which is not required to stop" according to Scheu.

First Time for Lights

    During the past several years, attempts to relocate the stop signs at the corner have been tried but this is the first time that flashing red lights have been installed.











Sibley Gazette - April 9, 1959

Flashing Red Lights on the intersection of Highways 9 & 33 north of Sibley went into operation at 11:25 a. m. Tuesday morning.  Shown here looking over the installation are Walter Wagner (left) of Wagner's Electric, Sibley, and Vyrel McElroy, maintenance foreman for the Highway Commission.  The lights are placed so as to help control traffic on Highway 33.  Traffic on Highway 9 will not be required to stop at the intersection.

Today that intersection is Highway 9 and Old Highway 60 now named North West Boulevard.

1959 - Osceola County's 5th Traffic Fatality











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